Module One: Embracing your Animal Body

The foundation of the pleasurable living approach to deeper intimacy and better sex in your relationship rests on the awareness that your body is not an object or possession under the control of your mind, but a living, feeling animal, with the right to an opinion of its own. Punishing living is when your body doesn’t get a say. Pleasurable living is when your body and mind join forces as friends and collaborate.

When you and your body get along, it’s easier for you and your partner to get along. When you and your body are in sensual and sexual alignment, it’s easier for you and your partner to be in sensual and sexual alignment.

Your body is naturally sensual and sexual. Your body knows and loves pleasure. The more you tune in to loving your body and treating it with kindness, the more your own pleasure and your partner’s too, will open up to you.

Nature’s mantra is “if it feels good it’s good for you.” When you grant your body the dignity of being a wise being, you’ll find that you are more sensitive that you realize, and that you actually do know what feels good to you, and how to get it.

Be proud of your roots. You’re a pleasure-loving animal. You’re the descendant of a long line of pleasure lovers, going all the way back to the cave days. It’s in your DNA to enjoy and be sensual, sexual, and at peace with it all.

1. Breathwork Practice: Pelvic breathing
Breathe in and out through your mouth with a soft, relaxed jaw. Remove the pause between the inhalation and exhalation. This is called "connected breathing." Now breathe down to your pelvis and awaken your pelvis with your breath.

2. Embodiment practice: Animal Activation
Inhale arch your spine, exhale curl your spine. Imagine you are a 4-legged creature. Embody an animal and play!
Make animal sounds and have fun with this.

3.Intention Setting:
e.g. I honor my animal body as a living, breathing, wise intelligent creature.
I honor my partner's body as a clever, sensual animal.
To listen deeply to my anima and understand what my body wants.

4.Integration: How was this for you?

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