Module Eight: Dignifying Desire

To dignify something is to confer honor upon it. To dignify our desires is to give them respect. That may seem obvious, but we live in a culture where desire is often frowned upon. Instead it’s considered a badge of honor to refrain from or resist our desires! If you resist your own desires, then you’ll automatically resist the desires of your partner which will be limiting your capacity for intimacy and sexual delight.

To dignify your desires is to ask these questions: What do I desire? What do I love? What inspires me? What fills me up? What brings me joy? What makes me more expressed?

Some people are scared wanting too much, or of wanting different things from their partner.

Remember, it’s ok for you to want different things. Consider the idea of collaboration versus compromise. Instead of imagining that you’ll lose something when you have different desires, explore a shift in mindset that you can have everything you want and more in symbiosis with your partner.

1. Breathwork practice – pelvic breathing

Breathe in and out through your mouth with a soft, relaxed jaw. Remove the pause between the inhalation and exhalation. This is called "connected breathing." Now breathe down to your pelvis and awaken your pelvis with your breath.

2. Embodiment practice: Turn-on Swirl

Imagine in your genitals, lower belly and womb, a swirl of turn on. Imagine a color and shape. Your turn on that’s luscious and free, swirling inside you and awakening you. Then change direction of the swirl. Move the swirl to the heart. Move the swirl to the brain. Feel a river of energy spreading through your whole body.

3. Intention Setting:

For example:

I honor my desires and my partner’s desires as inspired compasses for our evolution.

I dignify my desires. I respect my desires.

I honor your desires and mine. Our desires are trustable.

4. Integration: How was this for you?

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