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Attention: Your sexual frustration is NOW a thing of the past. Numbness, body shame and pleasure deprivation ends here.

Feel sensual and delicious in your body, and have orgasms that set your soul on fire. Even if you struggle to be orgasmic, you can experience ecstasy every day by reconnecting with your body through pleasure-positive perspectives and practices.
Hi, I'm Jena

After more than ten years of teaching Pleasurable Weight Loss, I’m finally sharing the secrets that helped my clients find peace with food and end their struggle with weight and body confidence, directly—sensual fulfillment and sexual empowerment.

I've discovered these truths through my own experience, and I can show you how too.

Can You Trust Me with Your Pleasure?

When I first started my career as a coach, feeling delicious and orgasmic was still foreign to me.

I’d struggled with binging, overeating, and bad body image for 10 years. I ate so that I wouldn’t HAVE to feel my emotions or hear the cries of my body that something wasn’t right.

The bad news is...when you numb pain, past trauma, and anxiety you also numb pleasure, bliss, and ecstacy in your life — and I learned that the hard way.

I knew I was a sexual being, but I didn’t love or trust my body. So, although I was being sexual and seeming to enjoy it, I was only experiencing a small fraction of my body’s actual potential for pleasure.

On a mission to heal myself, I traveled the world for answers. I studied yoga and meditation in India. I studied holistic nutrition and lifestyle in New York City. Yoga, clean eating, and a healthy lifestyle all helped me feel better, but not completely.

I still struggled immensely until I came across the missing piece of the pie—the wisdom of pleasure.

I realized that, like most of us, I'd been raised to value achievement and accomplishment, but not to value pleasure. On the contrary, pleasure was something I felt guilty about, especially sensual and sexual pleasure. I believed that pleasure was something that needed to be earned or deserved, and ultimately hidden from view.

The teachings of pleasure taught me that this is all nonsense, and that pleasure is a biological requirement. We literally need it to be in balance. Unless we consciously provide our body with pleasure, it will compulsively and unconsciously grab for it.

This explained why I had chased men and stayed in toxic relationships for years looking for someone to activate what only I could.

It was only when I embraced pleasure, sexuality and sensuality, that my own troubles with food and body image healed and ceased to bother me ever again, and I learned how to have bliss and ecstasy in my every day. Studying sexuality and Tantra empowered me in and out of the bedroom, and inspired my service to the world.

Since then, I've helped thousands of women lose weight and have unshakeable body confidence with the same method through my book "Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets of Feeling Great, Losing Weight and Loving Your Life Today," online programs, live events and private coaching. And now the Sensuous Goddess Pleasure School  has been birthed.

Sensuous Goddess Pleasure School
Feel connected with your body, experience ecstasy in your every day, and have all the orgasms you want.
5 Reasons Why You Being a Sensuous Goddess is important:

Women are born to have pleasure fill their bodies. If you’re not getting sensual satisfaction, you’re missing out on the full brilliance of your design.

When you increase your capacity for sensual and sexual pleasure, you are energized and motivated, giving you fuel for your life and life purpose.

When you empower your sensual intelligence as much as your mental intelligence, you are a balanced woman, and your life feels more harmonious and in sync.

When you consciously inhabit your senses, your natural sense of self-preservation is supported and it’s easier for you to have healthy boundaries in every domain of life.

When you feel sensually and sexually empowered you walk with a natural confidence that gives you courage to be yourself, liberated and expressed, at all times.

Many of us grew up having our self-worth crushed. We were told to be invisible, not to be glorious, colorful, sensual beings who follow their bliss.

We learned that it’s dangerous to express our beauty, and shameful to express our sensuality.
Authority figures that were meant to protect us, missed the mark, and so many of us have been traumatized, physically or emotionally.

With those wounds so deeply affecting us as a collective, it’s understandable that women struggle to embrace the full glory of their sexuality. Sex has been commodified and corrupted in so many ways, our native, pure sexuality can feel out of reach.

This is exactly why I created the Sensuous Goddess Pleasure School for you. Whatever has happened in the past, your natural sensual intelligence can’t be lost, and with loving attention it can be fully restored and reinstated to its intended guiding role in your life.
Sensuous Goddess Pleasure School:
Feel connected with your body, experience ecstasy in your every day, and have all the orgasms you want.
Sensuous Goddess Pleasure School is a 12-week live online course to bring new inspiration and healing into your sensual and sexual life. You will experience more expansive, fulfilling, and delicious times with your female body, in bed and in life. I have years of experience working with women on their sexuality, and I’ve rolled the best of what I know into this easy-to-digest, guided experiential journey.

Let go and let loose sensually and sexually so that you can experience exquisite peaks of pleasure and ecstasy anytime you want

Address past sexual traumas, heal your wounds, and restore the power of your Erotic Innocence so that you can enjoy your body with fresh eyes and renewed sensitivity
Appreciate and feel confident in your female body, whatever your shape or size
Have beautiful, intense, expansive orgasms, even if you’ve never had an orgasm before
Feel empowered to be uniquely yourself sexually, without trying to fulfill a role for someone else
Release learned shame and guilt about sex and liberate your Erotic Innocence to guide you into greater enjoyment than you’ve ever known
Discover the many flavors of sensual and sexual pleasure that are available in your female body
Feel like a glorious Sensuous Goddess in every dimension of your life, so that whatever you’re doing, your feminine mojo and liberated sensuality are flowing
Every woman in our culture faces major obstacles to body confidence and sensual and sexual empowerment, but with the right tools, training and community, these obstacles can be overcome. I’m excited to take you on this journey!
This course IS  for you if…

You want to experience profound, full-body orgasms, and multiple orgasms in solo sex or with a partner

—You feel shut down sexually and you want to open up again with confidence

—You want more playful engagement with life, including more laughter and joy

—You want to reclaim and reignite your primal connection with your female body

—You're  curious about the power of sisterhood to support your growth and healing

—You want a sex life that lifts your body and soul to new heights

—You want to enjoy your sensuality and sexuality as an integrated, holistic part of your life

Sensuous Goddess Pleasure School:
Feel connected with your body, experience ecstasy in your every day, and have all the orgasms you want.

This 12-week online course contains 18 tools and techniques. I’ve gathered these practices from years of study of Tantra, sensuality and sexuality, body awareness, and more. This is an experiential video and audio program designed to make learning fun and inviting.
Module 1:
Awaken your Natural Pleasure

Imagine you were left to your own devices on a desert island. You’d have plenty of time and space to discover the endless pleasures of your body, and no reason to resist them! This week is about returning to that innate curiosity about your potential for pleasure. There’s a natural lover inside of you, and you can feel safe to let her out to explore and play.

In this module you’ll learn how to:

•  Feel a natural ease with pleasure and sensuality, by yourself and with your partner

• Feel more sensitivity in your body and more connected with what lights you up and turns you on

• Turn down the volume on critical thoughts in your head, and let the wisdom of your body guide you home to feeling really, really good in your skin
  • Value $997
Module 2:
Liberate your Erotic Innocence

Imagine if all shame about your body, your sensuality and your sexuality was learned, and could be easily unlearned? Every one of us was born innocent, curious and ready to explore the world, including our bodies. You can release sexual shame inherited from your upbringing and develop your own discernment about what’s really nourishing for you sensually and sexually, and what’s not, and healthy boundaries too.

In this module you’ll learn how to:

•  Address and release old sexual shame that holds you back from enjoying your erotic nature to the fullest

•  Liberate yourself from family conditioning that limits your pleasure, in life and in bed, and reclaim your Erotic Innocence

•  Combine childlike curiosity with adult boundaries, to create a safe, creative space for sensual and sexual exploration
  • Value $997
Module 3:
Honor your Sovereign Freedom

Imagine being the queen of your own life, possessing the ultimate power to create your existence and your sex life exactly the way you want it. To be sovereign is to answer to yourself first and foremost, including answering the true call of your female body for sensuality, play and ecstasy.

In this module you’ll learn how to:

•  Feel empowered to make your own choices about your sex life, without outside interferences telling you what you should or shouldn’t want

•  Feel free to be fully yourself in bed, expressing any side of your personality, any way you want

•  Feel sexually independent and able to provide sublime pleasure for yourself, and empowered to guide your partner to rock your body with pleasure too
Module 4:
Ignite your Ecstatic Power

Society conditions us to believe that women can be powerful OR sexual, but it’s a false dichotomy: we were born to be both. Imagine feeling fully connected with the power of your female body, mind and soul, AND feeling fully connected with your sexual bliss at the same time. As your power explodes, so does your pleasure.

In this module you’ll learn how to:

•  Develop the power in your body so that you have more intense and vivid experiences, alone or with your partner

•  Have healthy sexual boundaries and say no or yes anytime you want

•  Defy stereotypes and define being a sexually empowered woman on your own terms, so that you can feel turned on anytime and anywhere you want
Module 5:
Integrate your Healing Magic

Many of us have been traumatized by sexual misconduct, but sex can be a powerful healing force too. Through sexual healing you can reconcile past wounds, release pain, and plant seeds of new beginnings. Bring healing to your orgasm, and orgasm to your healing.

In this module you’ll learn how to:

•  Confront any skeletons in the closet that are affecting your pleasure in bed so they lose their power

•  Heal the roots of bad body image so that you can rock your authentic body confidence as you enjoy yourself more and more

•  Use the power of orgasm to bring healing to any area of your life (I once used this technique to clear up an issue with my landlady, and it’s probably not what you think)

Module 6:
Unleash your Essential Wildness

Animals in the wild know how to protect themselves from danger, and also how to let loose, be playful, and have fun. When you embrace your inner wild woman, you feel the elements of nature supporting you to feel fully alive, like a virgin forest. Your wildness is your intimacy with your primal self.

•  Feel safe unleashing your wild sexuality, even if you’ve felt shut down, repressed or numb

•  Embrace your primal attractiveness and magnetism, and enjoy having fun with your natural born, undomesticated, sensual and sexual power

•  Feel empowered that you can protect yourself in any situation, so that you can feel safe expressing your innate freedom and carefree exuberance with the world
All of these modules work together to create a massive shift in how you relate with your body, your sensuality and your sexuality. You don’t need a partner to do this course. Your focus on your own transformation, will create a ripple of change with other partners too.

Live Support to Help you Thrive in this Course

Weekly Live Coaching 
Questions are a key part of any learning process. I host a weekly live coaching and Q & A session so we have can explore them together. Some women say that for them, this is the most powerful part of the course. Each session is recorded and available in the member’s area.

Bi-Weekly Live Guided Pleasure Activation Journey
Every other week I lead a bonus guided practice session. Practice together with me and the other women in the community, so that you feel even more supported and inspired.

Q: How is the course going to be delivered?

The course is delivered in video and audio format, with PDF playsheets. There's an online members' area where all of the resources are stored. Plus, a private online group where I am available weekdays for online support and we can all connect from anywhere in the world.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?

The course runs for 12 weeks but you'll have access to the members area for at least 10 years.

Q: What if I have deep trauma come up in the process, will I have someone to talk to?

The nature of healing is that our traumas come to the surface when we're ready to move through them. The design of this program is that you will be held to talk through whatever comes up for you. When deep emotions are stirred up, and you need someone who can understand to hold you, support will be available. You have direct access to me during the live coaching and Q & A session every week.

Q: Will I belong in this community?

Yes! Whatever background you are coming from, whatever stage of life you are in, whatever you're facing, you belong in this community. We all face the shared challenge of being a sensually and sexually empowered woman in our patriarchal culture. The design of the program is to make you feel safe and loved, and then therefore to feel without a shadow of a doubt that you belong.

Q: I don't have a partner or lover. Will I be able to do this course?

Yes! All of the practices in this program are for you to do with yourself. Even if you don't have a lover, you'll elevate your own capacity for sensual and sexual satisfaction, alone or with a partner.

Q: It's important for me to be discreet. How will this show up on my credit card?

This course will show up on your credit card with the name Jena la Flamme.

Q: How do I know it will be safe enough in this program?

As the creator of this program, I set the container so that you can relax. Sensuality, sexuality and Tantra are edgy topics. They can ruffle feathers of our past conditioning. However, what's available from exploring this dimension of your life is an aliveness, personal power, and inner knowing that is unparalleled. My intention in the Sensuous Goddess Pleasure School is that we embrace ourselves and each other with kindness and compassion. 
Sensuous Goddess Pleasure School:
Feel connected with your body, experience ecstasy in your every day. and have all the orgasms you want.
Don't take my word for it, hear from my community...
Annie Lalla
"Jena is an ambassador of good sex--in all its myriad forms. She will find where you unconsciously shame your desires and gently liberate their voice. She will teach you how to feel safe in sensations and free in your body. 

But most importantly, Jena will hold the highest vision for your sexual success until you have what you always wanted with your lover.”
KC Baker
“One of the most brilliant women I know is Jena la Flamme. I have learned more from this woman than I can express. She is a master teacher of living a life of devotion to pleasure, and is one of the most radiant women on Earth. I highly recommend her teachings to any woman who wants to truly love herself and her life.”
Marie Forleo

“Jena la Flamme takes a powerful stand for us to enjoy our bodies and become healthy and vibrantly alive in the process. If you want to enjoy the skin you’re in, look no further. Jena will guide you every pleasurable step of the way.”

Jody England
“Aside from being one of the most embodied and powerful feminine goddesses I know, Jena is a truly unique creature and a masterful coach. She has facilitated me to meet my animal body for the first time and not only made friends with her, but actually activated a loving, curious, and reverent relationship with her. My body is tingling with aliveness and anticipation of the pleasures that follow.”

Sister, I know that simply by being a woman you face many challenges when it comes to thriving sensually and sexually. That's why, with a compassionate heart, I welcome you all the more into this safe space intentionally designed for your transformation.

Saying yes to this program is saying yes to your pleasure and your evolution on many levels. Whatever has happened up until now, you can heal the wounds and attain your desires. If any part of you is curious about this course, listen to this inner voice.

With open arms, I warmly invite you to join me in Sensuous Goddess Pleasure School.


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