Deeper Intimacy & Better Sex

If you're in a loving, caring relationship, you're blessed. There's nothing more valuable in life than love, and nurturing that loving connection is the most worthwhile investment.

This is a delicious program for couples with 8 modules. You can also do the practices by yourself if you are single, to get acquainted with the ideas.

Being in a loving partnership is fulfilling, engaging, and fun. You have the potential to have an incredible, nourishing and deeply rewarding sex life and sensual life, with emotional intimacy that grows and grows. 

Here are some of the tools and techniques, to support you and you beloved to have even more enjoyment in life, love and lust.


Each module contains 3 Pleasure Practices plus time to integrate and recap.

  • A breathwork practice
  • An embodiment practice
  • Intention Setting - Formulate an intention you wish to take away from the session. 
  • Experiment with how you'd like to state your intention, and then refine it, making it your own so that it's a really resonates with your heart.
  • Integration -- Partner sharing and recap.

What did you get out of it? What will you take away from this experience? What did you learn?

You can do one module a week, or one a day, moving at the pace that suits you.

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